Tuesday, February 02, 2010

the road (the book)

I don’t think I would have read Cormac McCarthy’s book “The Road” if I hadn’t first seen the film (despite encouragement from good friends Rob and Alan). I was incredibly impressed by the film (perhaps the best film I’ve seen in the past twelve months?) and so had rather mixed feelings when I first started reading the book (could it in any way live up to the film or would it just be a big let-down?). I needn’t have been concerned; I thought the book was equally brilliant. It was just as unrelenting and mesmerising as the film, if not even more so. I just loved the writing style - especially the dialogue between the man and the boy. I also found it incredibly (and surprisingly) moving and suddenly realised that, as I was reading the last few pages, tears were absolutely streaming down my face (I’m pretty soft and can be slightly watery-eyed on occasions, but nothing like this!!).
A stunning, memorable book.
Are you carrying the fire?
Are you one of the good guys?

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blue hands said...

no, Steve, it's when you've read the book and then watch the film that you worry about being disappointed - not the other way round!!