Monday, February 15, 2010

year of the tiger

Moira+I went up the City Museum+Art Gallery yesterday to see some of the Chinese New Year celebrations. As it’s the “Year of the Tiger”, our artist friend Tony Eastman had been invited to provide various tiger artefacts that he’d been collecting from around the world over many years – some wonderful stuff. We also watched the Lion Dance in the main foyer, performed by the University of Bristol Chinese Lion Dance Troupe. LOTS of others turned out to watch it too – the foyer was packed out and so were the first and second floor galleries. A really impressive spectacle (the Museum+Art Gallery really is just brilliant!).
Photo: Lion dance; small Chinese spectator and part of Tony’s Tiger Collection.
PS: Played golf at Studley Wood, Oxford this morning with Pete, Bob and Steve (largely thanks to the “other” Steve, we beat P+B by three holes). Lovely time despite the cold and grey.

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