Tuesday, February 23, 2010

west wing+bullying?

As you might have gathered, I absolutely love the “West Wing” (pathetically, I’m only up to the middle of Season 3 thus far, but I’m getting there). Good generally seems to win over bad. I find the characters and storylines fascinating, clever, sharp and funny. When I grow up, I aspire to be a cross between CJ and Toby.
However, I’m also aware that there are aspects of the programme that quite appal me. For instance:
- They seem obsessed with “outworking each other” – forever calling everyone to 7am meetings and regularly working into the “early hours” (ditto working weekends)… “whatever you do, don’t be the first one to leave for home”.
- No one (apart from the President) seems capable of maintaining a relationship/marriage.
- They bark out strategy decisions and orders (and they talk SO fast!) - nobody ever asks someone to repeat anything. I wouldn’t last a month before I made some calamitous error (“oh sorry, I thought that’s what we’d agreed”).
- Calling key staff/governors etc to meetings at the White House at a moment’s notice (failure to attend will almost certainly have severe implications).
Do you think any of the above would constitute “bullying”?
Should anyone warn Gordon?
Just a thought….

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