Monday, January 11, 2010

the road

Went along to see “The Road” at the Watershed with Gareth+Alan yesterday.
A powerful, unrelenting film telling the story of humanity being pushed to extremes following some unspecified catastrophe. Wonderfully acted, brilliantly filmed and complemented by a beautiful, delicate soundtrack (by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis). Good friend Rob “wholeheartedly” recommended the film and I totally agree with him. I haven’t read the book (both Rob+Alan had), but I understand that the film is pretty true to it…. and I certainly will in due course. However good the book is, what is absolutely clear to me is that the film is brilliant in its own right.
A stunning film.
PS: I came away from the film feeling emotionally, and almost physically, drained and then (bearing in mind that the film has to deal with hunger and threats from cannibalistic maraunders), somewhat bizarrely, sat down to a fantastic roast lamb supper… followed by 90 minutes of the excellent, but equally draining, “Wallander”!
PHEW!… and they’re expecting me to go work today too (after three snowdays)!

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