Sunday, January 24, 2010

sunday morning

Had coffee at Costa by the harbourside again this morning. Scribbled some notes, read a chapter of John Bell’s book* before walking on to spend some time in Fopp (I just love Fopp!).
Three brief reflections/incidents:
1. As I walked past the harbourside Pizza Express, I noticed a load of kids inside – each wearing chef’s hats (the place was completely empty apart from them and a few members of staff). They were having a brilliant time, lots of laughter and hands-on experimenting led by one of the staff (they were trying out various pizza fillings I think). I’m usually very critical of many commercial organisations, but this was REALLY impressive. I’m sure the parents had to pay to enable their kids to attend, but they were having SUCH a good time. It made me smile. I even wanted to JOIN them!
2. As I came out of Fopp, I walked past the “Mayor’s Chapel” (it’s just beautiful – if you haven’t seen inside, you simply MUST) just as an elderly (rather fashion-conscious albeit in a slightly embarrassing way) lady was departing. She was wearing a long (ie. down to the ankles) black coat together with a white “furry” hat - but it actually looked as if she’d just touched something which had given her “hat” an electric charge and it all seemed to be “standing on end”. As I approached her, she clearly saw that her husband/partner was waiting in a car just a few yards away. I heard her say “oh, oh, oh”(!) and then she started “running” in the direction of the aforementioned vehicle. It was absolutely pathetic… she “ran” in rapid, six inch “strides” (honestly!), and continuing to utter “oh, oh, oh”! I overtook her with ease. I can only imagine what her husband/partner was thinking – or perhaps he was used to it!
3. I was playing my i-Pod as I walked home. The concluding tune on one of my playlists was “The Boys are Back in Town” by Belle and Sebastian (recorded live in Belfast). I just love the way the instrumental introduction builds to fever pitch…. you NEED to hear it on this link (BUT played at full volume!). The original was, of course, by Thin Lizzy in 1976 – click here for a live 1983 concert link.
Photo: Pizza Express by the Harbourside.
Note: * “10 Things They Never Told Me About Jesus”.

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