Thursday, January 07, 2010

snowday magic

We had our first snowday of the year yesterday (just two hard days into the new term!). After all the advance warning from the Met Office, we shouldn’t have been at all surprised, but it was with some relief that the news was eventually displayed on the school website first thing yesterday morning. Lots of staff seemed to spend the next two hours sending congratulatory e-mails, facebook messages or texts to each other!
The self-styled Bristol Self-Help Group had already decided on getting together for a “well deserved” New Year drink last night, but these arrangements were hastily revised to ensure that a few of us got together at lunchtime in the Watershed bar instead (attended by Helen, Emily, Becky, Will+Andy plus Ruth+Stu+Iris+Rosa and me!). The original idea was that we’d end up building snowmen but, in the end, only the Broadway/Low contingent participated in this! We went to Queens Square and duly built two snowmen (in addition to one we’d built earlier in the day at home). Queen Square really was quite magical, with perhaps twenty or more rather beautiful (and sometimes substantial) snowmen sprinkled over the entire area. The square was full of smiling people – either making snowmen themselves or just being entertained by those who were. Iris had a fantastic day. She walked from home and into town (and back), taking great delight in making and throwing snowballs all the way. She thoroughly enjoyed the snowmen-making and also being pulled along on grandad’s plastic bag “sledge” in Queens Square.
Despite feeling a little guilty, I’m very pleased to report that we’ve got another snowday today!
Photo: Stu+Ruth(+Rosa!)+Iris with just three of the wonderful Queens Square snowmen (we made the smallest one!).


Alice said...

That's so brilliant!!! I made a snow penguin yesterday - I think we got to the snow a bit late though cos it wouldn't stick together! Our boys managed all of 5mins outside! Enjoy your snow day lovely

ps, the snowpenguin was named norman by Dan, who can't quite pronounce snowman yet!

bigdaddystevieB said...

norman! love it!