Monday, January 18, 2010

bob’s beautiful bridge blues*

If you live in Bristol, you will definitely have heard the wonderful tenor sax music played by a busker on Pero’s Bridge (in my head, his name’s “Bob” for some reason!). I’m not sure how often he’s there, but I certainly come across him most Saturdays and Sundays if I’m around the harbourside. He’s an excellent musician, with an apparently inexhaustible jazz repertoire in his head, and the glorious sound of his saxophone pervades the surrounding area. It’s just lovely and it really lifts the spirits. I frequently drop money into his instrument case but, one day, I really must stop and talk to him (and thank him)… and find out if his name IS Bob!
Photo: Bob on bridge.
note: * he doesn’t play blues, but jazz didn’t scan for the heading!

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