Saturday, November 07, 2009

uncle vanya at the bristol old vic

Moira and I spent a lovely evening at the Bristol Old Vic watching Chekhov’s “Uncle Vanya” yesterday. A really excellent production – with Simon Armstrong quite brilliant in the Vanya role and Harriet de Winton’s design stunningly simple. Jeremy Kingston in “The Times” describes it thus: “This truly is the most wonderful production: a Chekhov that shows, as it must, the sorrows of wasted and wasteful lives but is performed by its exemplary cast to indicate also, as Chekhov wanted, the farcical comedy of those lives”.
The play touched on a number of issues which are very relevant for us all today – with references to the sustainability+care of the planet and also for Moira+me as we approach retirement. Very good to be back at the Old Vic again although, sadly, we were very aware that the average age of the audience was probably in excess of fifty – with very few twenty-somethings.

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