Saturday, November 21, 2009

is it just me 2?

I went to Blacks today to buy some new laces for my walking boots. As most of you will know, Blacks is a highly reputable outdoor clothing and camping gear shop. They have helpful and knowledgeable shop assistants….
I duly found some laces, but didn’t know what length I would need and couldn’t see a chart or anything explaining what I would need. So I went up to this assistant, showed him the 120cm laces and asked him if these would be suitable for walking boots with six eyelets? I expected him to look up a chart or simply to be experienced enough “just to know” the answer, but no…. he got a six eyelet walking boot from a rack, took one of “my” laces and, very carefully, proceeded to overlay them precisely over the laces of the shop boot. I couldn’t quite believe my eyes and was rendered utterly speechless (amazing, but true!). Eventually, he said: “it’s very difficult to be precise, but I think these will be fine”. I hadn’t the heart to query his professional judgement and duly bought them. I’ve just returned home and have put them in my boots – they’ll JUST about be ok. 130cm would have been the better size, but there was just NO WAY that I was going back to the shop!
PS: somewhat pathetically (I hadn't got my glasses when I was in the shop), I've JUST noticed that, in small writing on the packet, it states "to fit 5 eyelets"!! Aaaaaargh!

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just Gai said...

It's just not your day, is it? I'd just get back into bed and hope that tomorrow turns out better!