Monday, November 09, 2009

an education

Went to the Watershed again early yesterday evening (yes, I know - theatre on Friday, cinema on Sunday!). This time it was to see “An Education” directed by Lone Scherfig: an engaging coming-of-age story (based on Lyn Barber’s memoir and cleverly adapted by Nick Hornby) set in the early 1960s. It tells the story of a middle-class London schoolgirl (absolutely beautifully played by Carey Mulligan) who has her sights on going to Oxford University, until she is seduced by an older man who introduces her to the delights and sophistication of smoky jazz clubs, art, Paris and the high-life in general. I thought the entire cast were impressive, but I particularly enjoyed Rosamund Pike’s performance as a “faintly vacant and glassy-eyed” (as Peter Bradshaw described her in his “Guardian” review) girlfriend of the seducer’s “business partner”.
It was very English; it was also funny, poignant and completely endearing and it reminded me of just how unsophisticated and naive I was when I first started at university (some say I haven’t changed!) – and I certainly wasn’t endearing!
I really enjoyed it (it’s only on until this Thursday at the Watershed, so you’d better be quick if you live in Bristol).

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