Thursday, November 05, 2009

copenhagen fears?

There is a growing consensus among scientists that we really do have a global climate emergency in which we have less than 10 years to stop and reverse the global growth in greenhouse gases before “runaway” climate change becomes uncontrollable. The “Campaign Against Climate Change” sees December’s United Nations Climate Talks in Copenhagen as the “most important international meeting ever held”.
However, I have to say that I’m becoming increasingly concerned that December’s conference will simply come up with political fudges/platitudes and that no significant binding agreements will be forthcoming. This article in “The Times” dated 31/10/09, outlining Angela Merkel’s belief that only a broad political framework was now possible from the negotiations and that the chances of a comprehensive treaty had effectively disappeared, only appears to confirm this. I get the feeling that all we’ve had so far has been politicians queuing up to demonstrate how wonderfully committed THEY are to the aims of the conference – almost on the basis that, if it does “fail”, they can all say: “well, don’t blame us, we tried our best – but it was all those others…”. Obviously, compared with the previous “Mr President”, it’s great that Obama is so determined to achieve a successful outcome in Copenhagen. However, even if this was possible, I strongly suspect that any proposed legislation arising from the conference would be blocked by Congress (if recent events are anything to go by).
I REALLY hope that I’m wrong on this and that the conference exceeds all expectations in terms of outcome, but it feels very much as if we’ve been here before!
PS: I was particularly depressed by comments on “The Times” article made by some readers (it would be interesting to know their nationalities!).

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