Saturday, June 13, 2009


I know we’re supposed to welcome garden birds in these days of diminishing birdsong, but our “own” local magpie is making me consider extreme options. Being an early riser, I’ve been aware these last few weeks of this particular creature’s incessant “song” – Iris does a brilliant impression! To get a “feel” of what I’ve been experiencing, click on this link (and continue to play it a hundred times at full volume!). I even heard one of our neighbours come into the garden this morning, clapping her hands loudly in desperate attempt to chase off our local pet. I think the magpie just found entertaining!
I’m very aware that the rhyme talks about one magpie “for sorrow” and I’ve just used google to discover that there are various things you can do if you meet a single magpie in order to ward off the bad luck. These include “taking your hat off and making the sign of the cross, spitting three times over your shoulder(?), and saluting the magpie with 'Hello Mr Magpie, How's your lady wife today?'”.
Good grief!
happy(?) footnote: I was wrong – there are TWO magpies. I’ve since spotted its (much quieter) mate…. joy knows no bounds!

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