Monday, June 15, 2009

looking for eric

I realise that going to the cinema is not the most sensible thing to do on a beautiful sunny afternoon but, believe me, it proved to be WELL worth it! I went to see Ken Loach’s “Looking for Eric” at the Watershed and really, really enjoyed it. It’s about an ailing Manchester postman getting his life back on track with the help of Eric Cantona (yes, Eric Cantona: ManU football legend) and it’s just beautiful. It’s funny (I found myself laughing out loud at various stages), it’s quite tough at times, but it’s also a poignant love story and, according to a review I’ve just read, it’s a “feelgood vigilante film” which (and I know you’ll find this hard to believe) just about sums it up!
Even if football doesn’t interest you at all, you really should see this film.
PS: Coming out of the cinema, the sun was still shining and people were smiling and I even gave the singing guitar player some of my loose change! As I crossed over the swing bridge by the Arnolfini, an old man fell off his bike. He wasn’t badly hurt but a couple of us went to his assistance, someone picked up his bike and others were clearly concerned…. eventually, we got the old man up off the floor and he smiled and said to the gathered throng “Thank you ever so much for all your concern. As you can see, I’m a bit of a learner at this, but it’s really nice that so many of you stopped to check that I was all right”. People beamed back at him and you could almost sense everyone thinking “aaaah, what a nice man!” before going on their respective ways. A very nice moment.
PPS: Also connected another section of roof drainage to the water butt, went along to the Refugee Week entertainment in Queens Square and attended Tim’s entertaining and thought-provoking “service” at foundation (busy day!).


Alice said...

sounds like a lovely day. We're hoping to see the film this week - needless to say he's one of Dave's heroes! xxx

bigdaddystevieB said...

I think Dave+I should simply pretend to be Cantona when we're working in a respective schools... offering words of advice the "Eric Way". You'll both enjoy the film, I'm sure (it even includes the odd highlight of Cantona magic!).

just Gai said...

Didn't see you in Queens Square. We spent all afternoon on the grass in front of the main stage. The performers were all brilliant. I especially enjoyed the Ethiopian dancers who bounced their bead necklaces off their chests and whirled them round their necks.

bigdaddystevieB said...

GARETH: me too, but left at about 2.40pm after the young singers from South Africa.... actually, I saw you coming and just hid.