Monday, June 08, 2009

black monday

I’m a Labour voter by instinct and so I’ve found the past days somewhat painful!
The Local Council elections and then the European Parliamentary elections have both proved disastrous for the Government. Recent resignations by cabinet members have only underlined speculation about Gordon Brown’s continuing Prime Ministerial role – and newspapers and television companies have just loved it. I actually feel a little sorry for Mr Brown as I think the Government has, somewhat unfairly, taken most of the flak for the Parliamentary expenses fiasco. Unfortunately, in my view, the Prime Minister hasn’t been helping himself by some of his recent decisions. I couldn’t quite believe it when I heard that Sir Alan Sugar had been offered a peerage and new role as the Government’s “enterprise tsar”. As Andrew Rawnsley commented in yesterday’s “Observer”: “Giving a peerage to the gruesome Alan Sugar is the sort of frantic, misconceived stunt that is Gordon Brown at his very worse”. Although I have to admit that I find “The Apprentice” tv programme absolutely fascinating (as you’ll probably be aware, the final was last night), I can’t reconcile Sugar’s new role with that of the Party - and I’m absolutely sure that I’m not the only Labour supporter to have same point of view - and can’t help feeling that Alan Sugar’s desire to make as much money as he can (whatever it takes) is not a million miles away from all those greedy bankers we’ve been complaining about over recent months!

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