Wednesday, June 24, 2009

leavers day

Yesterday was Leaver’s Day and an opportunity for the Year 11 boys and girls to put on their “posh frocks” and celebrate the end of their GCSEs (and, for some of them, the end of school life altogether!). The money the pupils spend on this great day in the school calendar is amazing. Most of the girls seem to have bought two expensive outfits – one for the daytime celebrations and one for the evening Prom at the Cadbury House Hotel (some of boys did the same with daytime suits and evening DJs) – and then, of course, there was the limo hire! It seemed to me (huge generalisation!) that the girls really enjoyed the red carpet treatment on arrival at school in the morning (in front of all the other pupils and teachers) and posing for photographs, whereas lots of the boys seemed to be in their element “strutting their stuff” on the dance floor at the hotel!

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