Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Our garden is tiny (5x5m) and unexceptional. Moira’s “into” gardening; I’m into sitting in the garden (eating, drinking, reading newspapers etc). Three years ago, we erected a timber screen at the back of the garden (we felt very exposed to our neighbours at the rear!) and since then it’s developed into something of a green wall (honeysuckle and bamboo). I’ve previously blogged about the amazing help provided by our GrowZone friends (was it REALLY only mid-May?). Largely thanks to them, we’ve started to grow some of our own food. They also helped us remove the dominating pyrocantha bush and, since then, we’ve managed to remove the ramshackle fence and replace it with another timber screen (which, hopefully, we can use as a planting backdrop). Bruce has put together a great short film about GrowZones on the Earth Abbey website – which is definitely worth a look!


blue hands said...

When you say that "we" replaced the fence what you modestly mean to say is that YOU replaced the fence and dug over the bed and riddled out all the gravel and laid some more pavers and generally made it all tidy and beautiful and you are my hero!

Alice said...

Wow! It really does look gorgeous. Well done, it must be such a lovely evening for sitting out in it!! xxx