Friday, October 03, 2008

bush is a socialist?

Some of you will be aware that I listen to the radio through the night as I drift in and out of sleep (pathetic I know!). I keep it under my pillow and either tune into the World Service or Five-Live’s “Up All Night” programme. In the aftermath of the Palin-Biden vice-presidential debate (which, to my ears, seemed less like a debate than an opportunity to reproduce well-rehearsed statements and soundbites), the programme presenter talked to some “typical Americans” to get their reactions. Thus far in the presential election campaign, I’ve found it quite amusing how both the Democrats and the Republicans have been going out of their way to disown the George Bush presidency. However, last night was the best yet….
I swear I heard one the Palin supporters describe Mr Bush as a "socialist" (or maybe I just dreamt it?)!

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