Friday, October 17, 2008

first-aider at work

Spent yesterday and today having my first aid at work training topped-up/re-examined. Frankly, first aid is part of my job I would be delighted to do without. This “refresher” was somewhat scary as it meant that it’d been three years since I’d taken the original course. At a push, we could have completed everything in a single day but, clearly, that’s not the way these courses are run! Normally my breaks at school are taken on the hoof, so it seemed amazing to be told: “ok guys, take a coffee break – I’ll see you back here in half an hour” or “ok, let’s break for lunch – be back here in an hour”!
The bonus for me was that I had my final first aid “incident” first thing this afternoon and was therefore able to make an early getaway. It was a beautiful day so, once I’d got back to Bristol, I cycled into town, popped into “Fopp” and bought two CDs (Seth Lakeman’s “Freedom Fields” and Patti Smith’s double album “Land”) and a DVD (Krzysztof Kieslowski’s film “Three Colours Blue”).
It’s just possible that, with Moira going to her book group this evening, I’ll end up watching the DVD tonight over a glass or two of red wine (to celebrate passing my first aid course you understand!).


Alice said...

oh, at least 10 years since I watched that film. I just remember thinking it was lovely.

bigdaddystevieB said...

yes, I DID watch it last night.... and yes, I thought it was just lovely too.
have you seen the other two films in the trilogy (red, white)?
as you know, I/we haven't exactly been film buffs... have a feeling that there are an awful lot of films that I still need to see!!

Alice said...

I've only seen that one actually! Glad you liked it. Nice to have a night in on your own sometimes! xxx

just Gai said...

We have the other two on loan from April. I'm sure she wouldn't mind you borrowing them. Do they run in any particular order?

I can't help thinking that I would have been better off staying at home myself last evening as my chosen book did not go down very well. Still, I liked it!