Monday, October 27, 2008

quiet chaos

No, this isn’t a description of my life!
It’s the name of another film Moira+I saw at the Watershed yesterday. It’s the story of how a man copes/struggles with the unexpected death of his wife (there’s a common theme running here – the last film we saw involved a wife’s reaction to the death of her husband!). He deals with his grief by sitting outside his daughter’s school all day long and putting his successful business life on hold. I very much enjoyed the film. It’s beautifully put together and I particularly liked the scenes outside the school, where the father becomes a feature in the daily “park community” through a series of small cameo relationships. Nanni Moretti is wonderful in the role of the father (Moira+I decided he looked like a cross between our great friend Ken and our doctor Ken from Thame!).

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