Sunday, October 05, 2008

I've loved you so long

Moira+I had looked at the Watershed October programme and had independently highlighted the film as one we’d like to see - and also ended up persuading Les, Sandy, Gerry+Merry-Carol to join us this afternoon (at the pre-5pm price of £3.50 each!). In the event, we were very pleased we did! This wonderful film, featuring Kristin Scott Thomas as a woman who returns to her home town after a mysterious and lengthy absence, “focuses on low-key, everyday events as details of her years away emerge and she begins to reconcile with those around her”. As I emerged from the film, I came across three people in the lobby discussing which film they should opt to see. Although it was obviously nothing to do with me, I urged them to see “I’ve loved you so long” and, I’m pleased to say, they decided to follow my advice! I think they will have been really pleased they did.
It was simply stunning!

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