Monday, September 29, 2008

st werburgh’s arts trail

Very much enjoyed the arts trail in St Werburgh’s yesterday (where Hannah+Fee live). Perfect weather and lots of smiling people. Some beautiful art, good music and amusing story-telling/street theatre.
Photo: street musicians in the tunnel.
PS: I spent some time “exhibition-sitting” for Hannah while she got out to view some of the arts trail for herself. In between chatting to visitors, I read a little of “A Winter Book” by Tove Jansson - rather beautiful and uplifting. I came across this in the “Parties” short story and it made me laugh out loud (not sure it applies to anyone I know, but I still found it amusing): “All men have parties and are pals who never let each other down. A pal can say terrible things which are forgotten the next day. A pal never forgives, he just forgets, and a woman forgives but never forgets. That's how it is”.

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just Gai said...

I would have liked to have followed the St Werburgh's Art Trail but life got in the way. It sound like it was a good way to spend a Sunday.

I shall refrain from commenting on the story!