Wednesday, November 07, 2007

karine polwart again

Went to a lovely Karine Polwart concert at St George’s in Bristol last night with Gareth, Alan and Moira. Excellent venue with marvellous acoustics; completely different “feel” last night compared with her concert at Thekla last November. You just get the feeling that she's a really nice person - as well as being an exceptional singer/songwriter. Found it amusing that she’d bought one of her guitars from Bristol on e-Bay!
Sounded very good to me!

PS: on a completely separate matter, I spotted the first brightly lit up house with Christmas decorations on the way home from work yesterday (same as the house I pointed out this time last year!). Rather depressing really.


alan broadway said...

having attended two funerals in one week (!!! - am i reaching the age when such will be my main 'social' outlet?) didn't immediately pick up on this blog. confess i'd not heard of karine polwart, but she sounds good. looked to see if any gigs around brum...and discovered, too late, she was at the glee club last night!

bigdaddystevieB said...

great pity about you missing out on the KP concert think you'd like her).... and I understand she doesn't do funerals!

Pete Gilbert said...

Is it more depressing that Christmas seems to arrive earlier every year, or just that some people think it's a good idea to festoon their houses with energy sucking lamps? Don't worry I think the government will soon stamp down on these "carbon terrorists" anyway!

bigdaddystevieB said...

Agreed Pete, but I think the real “carbon terrorists” are the big commercial organisations who insist on leaving most of their lights on overnight. If that could be magically converted into the equivalent of garish Father Christmas lights, there would be a public outcry (depressingly, I have a horrible feeling that there would be those who would think this was wonderful!)!