Saturday, November 03, 2007


Good friend Andy is on a bit of a roll.
Recent events have included him running into the back of a police vehicle on his way into school (and subsequently being passed by pupils and staff colleagues alike - which instantly publicised his plight!). This was followed a few days later when he set off the fire alarm at school – which resulted in the entire school being made to stand outside in pouring rain (Andy is a Science teacher and he was apparently trying to video a simulated demonstration of nuclear fision, or something like that, by setting light to 200 matches – which just happened to be positioned under a smoke detector!).
Well, yesterday Andy kindly gave me a lift into school (we frequently exchange lifts) but en route mentioned that he thought the brakes on his "new" car (ie. the replacement for the one involved in the police accident!) felt "strange". We'd arranged to meet up at 4pm for the homeward journey.... but no Andy. No sign of him in the Science office, his lab or in the staff room. I checked in the staff car park... no car!! I rang him on his mobile: "Ah Steve, yes, a couple of things - firstly, I've just realised that I'd forgotten to give you a lift and, secondly, I'd just got down the hill from school when my brakes failed - so I've just called the AA. But don't worry, Dave+Tamsie have stopped to offer assistance so they can give you a lift home".
Clearly, it was an act of God (punishment for forgetting me!).
PS: from now on, the school is considering giving Andy his own slot in the daily staff briefing – far more interesting than the usual notices.


Gareth Rae said...

If 'good friend' Andy still speaking to you, let alone ever giving you a lift again after your blog then he really is a 'good friend'!

bigdaddystevieB said...

Yes, he's still a good friend! On the plus side though, he doesn't read blogs... and he's already had his leg pulled about various recent events in and out of school anyway, so he's established a bit of cult status!