Monday, November 12, 2007

birthday weekend

As I indicated in my Friday blog, Moira+I were very much looking forward to spending the weekend celebrating Ian’s 50th birthday with great friends in Oxford. It proved to be an absolutely brilliant couple of days! Arrived at Gail+Ian’s first thing Saturday morning in time for us all to walk to Quod in the High Street for a superb breakfast; some of us then walked across Christchurch Meadow before meeting up at the King’s Arms pub in Broad Street for several glasses of ale (or whatever!); on to the Old Parsonage Hotel for an amazing high tea; and then chilling out at Gail+Ian’s with the odd glass and huge helpings of goulash. Sunday saw us meet up on Port Meadow with even more friends for mayBe’s community eucharist (see yesterday’s blog) followed by yet more wonderful food and great coffee at Manos café/deli in Jericho.
Lots of laughter, great food+drink, hugs and happiness.
Life is good! Happy birthday Ian!
Photos: Quod breakfast; Lisa+Esther; Rachel+Ian+Gail+James+Esther; Ian+Gail+James; Lisa+Cara
PS: …. and the Villa beat Blues!

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Ian Adams said...

StevieB thank you so much for being with us at the weekend. It was a brilliant time. I am so very bless-ed with family and friends like you. And, as always with you, these are great pics. Pace bene! Ianx