Thursday, November 22, 2007


Why the picture of Martin Jol?
Well, as indicated in a previous blog (March 2007), I’m not a huge follower of the England football team (too many disappointments etc). Last night’s inept, depressing defeat against Croatia will surely see the end of McClaren as the England manager. In the same March blog, I voiced my fears that Martin O’Neil (the current Villa manager) would ultimately become the next England manager (why? who on earth would want the job?). Unfortunately, I can now foresee O’Neil being appointed by the New Year and, in turn, Martin Jol becoming the Villa manager.
You read it here first!
PS: in other words, that awful mistake by the Villa goalkeeper last night will probably result in Villa losing its manager!


alan broadway said...

you need a bit of luck in life. steve mcclaren may be seen as lucky in his swift elevation from coach to club manager...and lucky to be given the england job when others rejected it...and lucky that other results went englands way to give a second chance at qualifying for the euro championships. i felt the team selection in the circumstances was brave and right. but the villa goalie never looked comfortable and whilst there was effort from england, it was all rush and high balls. i'm sure the awful weather and pitch didn't help but croatia played the ball beautifully...and on the ground. no excuses, ultimately we didn't deserve to qualify. however i intensely dislike the way the media can drive a hate campaign - they never wanted steve mcclaren and now (ok i accept rightly) he will go. perhaps our failure to qualify will be a good thing and the fa realise we've got the structure of english football wrong and the world has moved on way ahead of us. i fear this time they will go for martin o'neill...and scott carsons error (and he should have got to the 3rd goal also) will 'cost' villa.

bigdaddystevieB said...

I absolutely agree about the intensity of the media circus. Croatia were clearly the better team and a draw would have been somewhat embarrassing. I would certainly have selected Carson, but I was never particularly happy with the Campbell/Lescott central defence and I've just never seen Lampard+Gerrard play well together. How on earth did Lampard get man-of-the-match?? On the positive side, we won't have to put up with the hype on lead up to championship!

Gareth Rae said...

Why is it always the manager who is sacked after a humiliating defeat? Why don't they sack the players?