Saturday, July 21, 2007

people’s music: another update

I’m continuing to receive great favourite music suggestions from lovely friends and family. I’ve already compiled a list of over 30 tracks (note: see blog posts 8+23 June).
I’ve been playing the following tracks a lot recently (the running order is brilliant, with each track running into the next beautifully!):
1. “Heartbeats” by Jose Gonzalez (Catherine P)
2. “Break on Through” by The Doors (Hannah B)
3. “Still Ill” by The Smiths (Paul B)
4. “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by The Who (Felix H)
5. “I Might Be Wrong” (live version) by Radiohead (Ian A)
6. “Beautiful Day” by U2 (Gail A)
7. “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley (Catherine P)
8. “Cold Water” by Damien Rice/Lisa Hannigan (Ruth B)
9. “Staralfur” by Sigur Ros (Gareth R)
10. “From The Morning” by Nick Drake (me!)
Still keen to receive further suggestions!
PS: the somewhat impossible criteria was: “ if I had to choose just ONE piece of music, this would be it” (it might be just a great piece of music or something that has special significance)…. and, in addition, there was an opportunity to add another track under the general heading: “Steve, I think you might also like this”.
Photo: Radiohead (of course!)


alan broadway said...

this weeks entry :-
pertinent to current problems...1. "when the levee breaks" - led zeppelin
2. "sweet thing" - joan as police woman.

but if you want to dream of sunny summer days... 1. "there she goes -the la's 2. "seaside" - kooks.

or if you are questioning the meaning of life...1. "question" - moody blues 2. "bad day" - rem.

bigdaddystevieB said...

especially like the "current problems" tracks (ages since I listened to Led Zeppelin - so can feel a LZ memory lane trek coming on!). hugs.