Monday, July 02, 2007

birthday weekend

Despite the gloom+doom of the weather forecast, the Smith birthday weekend was just brilliant. One of those perfect weekends with a group of great people and made even better because we were able to stay with lovely Gail+Ian at Old Walls. We barbequed in Mags+Jez’s large(!) workshop extension to their house on Friday; we chilled during the day on Saturday – but also went for a lovely afternoon walk around the estuary - and then all met up for wonderful food+drink at Pig Finca in Kingsbridge; and on Sunday, we all met up on Thurlestone beach and watched huge waves and played an hilarious game of rounders (boys won!) before returning to M+J’s place for yet more food.
We hardly got wet at all (except for Brian, Luke+Rob who decided to go for a swim)!
Photo: birthday team photo on the beach

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