Tuesday, July 24, 2007

end of another school year

For most of us at school, today is the end of term (unfortunately, I have to work an extra day – together with a few others – but that’s another story!). It means I’ve been working in education for a whole two years since retiring from my architectural practice. The time seems to have flashed by! I’m going to miss the good friends who will be leaving – some retiring; some for new challenges in other fields; and some just moving on. I worked with Tony, Head of Art, on Friday as part of the school’s Activities Week (he’s also retiring after over 25 years at the school). Some Year 8 pupils were trying animation for the very first time and the results were just brilliant. It was just wonderful seeing Tony at work - with his humour, enthusiasm, knowledge and encouragement and then to see the children respond so positively (and clearly feeling really proud by their achievements at the end of the day). Tony might be retiring, but he’s still got what it takes!
Humbling and inspirational stuff.
PS: the animations weren’t quite “Wallace+Grommit” standards, but Aardman better watch out!

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