Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Despite the fact that I regard myself as a free-thinking liberal, there are those among us who have hinted that I might actually be just a grumpy old man (no way!)! Whatsmore, if you’re going to write about Channel 4’s ‘Big Brother’, the convention appears to require an opening statement along the lines of: “I don’t watch this programme, but…”. Well, I’m afraid this goes for me too!
Quite apart from the racist allegations levelled at Jade Goodie, I have been absolutely appalled (I heard an extract on the radio) by the outrageous bullying nature of the verbal exchanges. I work in a comprehensive school (with an excellent track record for good behaviour) and there are lots of pupils who will have been watching avidly over recent days and who would have seen absolutely nothing wrong in what was said (or how it was said). To them, they will see ‘Big Brother’ as justification for the awful way in which they address some of their own colleagues on occasions – I’ve witnessed this first hand, believe me!
I’m afraid I utterly loathe such programmes and am saddened by their popularity – but perhaps I AM just a grumpy old man?

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Alice said...

Well, maybe you are a grump BUT I'm with you on hating reality shows! I can't even listen when members of the public ring up radio stations ... give me unreality everytime!

love you, Alio