Wednesday, January 24, 2007

george going green(ish)?

In his State of the Union speech, Mr Bush seemed to be trying very hard to give the impression that he was a champion of green(ish) issues. Part of his speech focussed on energy policy – and, in particular, climate change and energy independence. Mark my words: any day now he’ll be using his father’s favourite “read my lips” line when he points out to the rest of us that America has been trying to warn the world about the implications of climate changes for simply ages!
Came across this at the weekend by the very amusing Armando Iannucci in the Observer, which seems apt in the circumstances (and is probably what Mr President really thinks):
“President George W Bush writes:
Scientists have moved the Armageddon clock a few minutes to five minutes to midnight. My fellow Americans, this should not cause us any worry. The clock is set at Greenwich Meantime, and we in America are at least five hours behind. So we’re fine.”
Unfortunately, it could be true….

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