Monday, January 15, 2007

terry's all gold?

Over the weekend, I think I heard something about John Terry (Chelsea’s captain if you don’t know these things) being offered a new contract by his employers for a reported £150,000 per week. Now I know I’ve made a conscious decision to work with young people in education rather than to pursue a career in football (my age and footballing ability might be small factors in this too perhaps), but I’ve just worked out that it would take me nearly nine years to earn what Terry will have earned by this time next week!
Has the world gone mad?
PS: of course, I've just remembered that this pales into insignificance compared to Becks. I would need to work for some 29 years to earn HIS weekly wage. I may need a small pay rise.


xingweb said...
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Alice said...

hi dad,

When I become a pro-knitter I'll let you have a cut of my earnings!

love you, Alice x

the world according to custard said...

Hi Thank you for leaving a message on my blog, what sort of childrens education are you involved in?

bigdaddystevieB said...

Emma: My job involves mentoring and pastoral work (not in the religious sense) at a comprehensive school in north-east Somerset. Thanks.