Friday, January 19, 2007

high winds and a friday bonus

Like many people, we experienced horrendously strong winds yesterday. At school, ridge tiles were blown some 80 metres over neighbouring buildings but, fortunately, no one was hurt. I watched one tiny Year 7 boy almost blown across the sports field – saved only by the weight of books in his school rucksack (he seems to insist on carrying all his books around with him all the time – cunning plan)!
However, the awful weather did mean some compensation for its hard-working staff – the school had to be closed today on a health+safety grounds.
So, it was very nice to take advantage of a Friday “bonus” and pop down to the Tobacco Factory for a glass of red at lunchtime with Moira, Ruth, Stu and Iris.
Photo: Stu+Iris fighting over a beer at the Tobacco Factory (apparently Iris is one of the regulars – she was there the previous day too).


Alice said...

Ooh! What a treat - sounds lovely! It's a hard life being back at school, hey pa?

Love Alio x

bigdaddystevieB said...

Yes, it's been a lovely day! I actually got up early as usual and managed to get lots of filing and some meeting notes done too, which is a bonus. hugs x

Ellen Loudon said...

charcoal biscuits can do wonders for 'horrendously strong winds'.

A tree fell on one of my neighbours house in the last storm. Nasty! Glad you got a day off though.