Tuesday, August 20, 2013

running over rocks

Moira+I spent the weekend running over rocks…
Well, not literally. We were at a retreat run by our great friend Ian (Adams) at the Ammerdown Centre (situated between Radstock and Frome… and set in beautiful grounds). “Running Over Rocks” is the title of Ian’s second book – which explores spiritual practices for living/bringing goodness to the world in difficult times.
I have to say, I’m not very good at signing up/attending courses and the like (I think I fear that I’ll end up making a complete fool of myself… or worse!), but the weekend proved to be a really enjoyable, relaxing and stimulating time.
Obviously, much of this was down to Ian… but it was significantly helped by the other, lovely people on the retreat. We very quickly gelled as a group – which made conversations easy (and laughter plentiful!) and allowed us to share thoughts, insights and experiences with ease. It also proved to be quite a creative weekend in terms of ideas generated – even mini-art installations and ideas for our own personal tattoos (don’t worry, I have no immediate plans for displaying mine to the world)!!
A lovely, inspiring weekend.
Photo: avenue of trees, Ammerdown Centre.

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