Thursday, August 22, 2013

alan partridge: alpha papa

After some fairly full-on family/child-minding days, yesterday was very much a day for relaxing, walking, sketching, drinking coffee and the like (you get the idea…). An afternoon trip to the Watershed cinema also seemed appropriate but, unfortunately, “Looking for Hortense” (with Kristin Scott-Thomas) wasn’t showing at that time, so I plumped for “Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa”. Actually, I’ve never really been an Alan Partridge fan and so this was probably a mistake…
In fact, I almost enjoyed the film. It’s clever, funny and predictably excruciating as he attempts to salvage his public career while being chief negotiator in a hostage situation at North Norfolk Digital Radio (you get the drift!). I thought the film worked better than the TV shows but, for me, the one laugh-out-loud moment didn’t even include Partridge (but a very brief piece involving the radio station security guard on Cromer pier… I won’t say any more!).
I’ve just read one of the reviews in The Guardian which describes it as a “coup de cinema… in its own superficially low-brow, cheapo way”… “it's a FabergĂ© egg disguised as a Kinder Surprise; an intricate piece of engineering done up to look like a whoopee cushion”.
I’m not sure we saw the same film!

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