Sunday, August 11, 2013

oxford get-together

Moira+I have just had a lovely couple of days in Oxfordshire with Alan+Lesley.
Rather than trying to cram in too many things into a single day, we decided on an overnight stay at The Bat+Ball pub in Cuddesdon. So, we met up on Friday morning and spent the day in Oxford - relaxing over morning coffee at Quod, then beer+lunch at The Turf, followed by afternoon tea+cake at Patisserie Valerie (as you do)… and, in between, going to see the impressive Master Drawings exhibition at The Ashmolian and an amble round Christ Church Meadow in the sunshine. This, naturally(!), was followed by yet more eating+drinking back in Cuddesdon during the course of Friday evening.
As if we hadn’t already eaten ourselves silly (and, of course, we HAD to have breakfast too!), our cousin David and wife Sally came out to join us for lunch yesterday at the pub!
VERY good to take the time to catch up… and lovely to be able to spend time in Oxford again.
Life is good!
Photo: me, Moira, Lesley+Alan at The Bat+Ball, Cuddesdon.

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