Sunday, August 25, 2013

arnos vale blackberry+apple crumble…

Moira+I went to the stunning Arnos Vale yesterday morning for coffee, as you do.
I love walking around this wonderful, wooded cemetery and, today, our walk resulted in an unexpected bonus – blackberries! I just happened to have a couple of plastic bags in my shoulder bag (that I’d completely forgotten about) and so we helped ourselves to a few of the huge number of blackberries that were growing there.
The resulting blackberry+apple crumble was delicious (and there’s still a pie and a tart to go!).
I think we’ll be going back to Arnos Vale again very soon – to be mesmerised by the multitude of fascinating gravestones… and for some more blackberries!
PS: was tempted to write something about “life beyond the grave” (or something similar)… but then thought better of it!

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