Saturday, March 31, 2012

summer(?) in the city

Moira+I went to Colston Hall early yesterday evening for a drink and to listen/watch live music (the music was free, the drink wasn’t!) in its great “foyer performance space”. Last night featured the excellent jazz musician Kevin Figes (alto sax and flute). There are free foyer performances every Thursday and Friday (approx. 5.45-7.15pm). Good atmosphere. We went on to have some excellent simple food at (my favourite) no.1 Harbourside Bar – AND they have free music there too – Mondays+Wednesdays from 9.30pm and Thursdays+Fridays from 10.30pm (way after my bedtime!).
The combination of the clocks changing last weekend and a week of glorious, sunny weather certainly gave the city a happy, lively, cosmopolitan feel last night (although I suspect it got MUCH livelier a little later!).
Photo: foyer performance space at Colston Hall.
PS: I think this penchant for free musical entertainment must run in the family - I’m aware, from various facebook comments/pics, that my brother Alan quite often pops into the Symphony Hall Cafe/Bar in Birmingham for similar free events.

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