Wednesday, March 14, 2012

floating flower

I spotted this single rose earlier today floating in a quiet corner of the harbourside.
I clearly don’t know why it was there, but it seemed quite touching in its own way. Had it been cast into the water in memory of a dead partner? Or as a symbol of lost love or the end of an affair perhaps? Or a poignant offering of an unspoken or impossible love? Or a completely different reason?
Who knows?
A sad secret message in the water.
I ended up singing bits of Joni Mitchell’s “Roses Blue” on my way home:
“I think of tears, I think of rain on shingles
I think of rain, I think of roses blue…”

(fortunately, I don't think anyone heard me!).
Photo: the rose IS floating - the harbourside is just VERY grey in colour!

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