Wednesday, March 21, 2012

family time continues…

After spending last weekend looking after Iris+Rosa, Moira+I have just returned from a lovely few days in Leyland with Alice+Dave+Mikey+Dan+Jemima. SO good to see them again (first time since Christmas) and so good to see them continuing to develop in their own different and fascinating ways. Mikey’s greeting to us both is the stuff that just takes your breath away and makes you want to cry with joy (instant recognition, despite the gaps between our visits); Dan is a lovely, sensitive, happy boy – we shared lots of giggles+jokes together and he took great pleasure in taking us to his pre-school; and it was lovely to see Jemima growing up, smiling, dancing and chatting away (her current favourite phrase is calling everyone and everything “gorgeous” – as in, “hello gorgeous”!). Great too to have some chill time with Alice+Dave (it’s just amazing/wonderful how they cope with the three children!).
Grandparenthood is a VERY good thing!
Photo: Dan, Moira, Mima, Alice+Mikey on the sofa (three of them are watching TV!).
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Jen said...

oh how lovely, glad you had a good time together!!