Sunday, March 18, 2012

iris+rosa long weekend extravaganza

Ruth+Stu have had a long weekend break in South Hams – without the children! I’m pretty sure Iris+Rosa have “enjoyed” their stay with us. We’d had lots of fun together, including a zoo visit (on the bus), pizza-making, swan counting (and charts!), art sessions in the basement plus various café trips (as you do!). The three days were slightly complicated by the fact that Rosa was at the end of her first week of toilet-training (I won’t go into details – although, on the whole, it was pretty successful!). Fortunately, the girls also both slept beautifully, so the nights were entirely peaceful. It’s lovely that the girls are so relaxed about staying with us over prolonged periods and we feel very privileged that this is the case.
Photo: Iris+Rosa “sprinting” down the cheetah running track at Bristol Zoo.
PS: a number of people have commented that I no longer seem to be posting pics of Iris+Rosa on the blog and on facebook (except for family members)... this is a conscious family decision (especially given Iris's distinctive and very recognisable red hair). Hope people understand.

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Alice said...

I love the idea of a cheetah run!