Saturday, February 25, 2012

painting again again…

If you’ve read my blog recently(!), you MIGHT recall that I’ve been painting again – after a brief 42 year gap! Well, I’ve just finished my second painting (again in homage to my inspirational tutor Tom Porter – bold and “challengingly” colourful), entitled “Deckchairs for Tom2” – 60x60cm, acrylic - and identical to no.1 in composition.
My “technique” is very ropey and the paintings are definitely best viewed through half-closed eyes for the most beneficial effect(!) but, again, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the process.
PS: after watching the recent (wonderful) documentary on Lucian Freud, I was almost tempted to produce a close-up, “warts-and-all”, self portrait (I think my haggard, lined face – especially first thing in the morning according to the bathroom mirror!) for my next painting, but don’t think the art world is quite ready for this yet… instead, maybe something building-related next?
Photo: Deckchairs for Tom1+2

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just Gai said...

Well, I think you should go for the self portrait.