Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the killing 1+2

Moira and I have just finished watching the Bafta award-winning “The Killing 1” (via Hannah+Fee’s boxset - albeit out of order, as I’d already watched the second season on the BBC!). With 20 one hour(?) episodes , it felt like a mammoth undertaking – but quite brilliant and very well worth it. If you haven’t previously come across the series, it’s about Danish detective Sarah Lund, wonderfully played by Sofie Grabol, as she and her colleagues try to track down the killer of a 19 year-old student who is found raped and brutally murdered. Full of political intrigue, struggling family situations, false leads and an obsessive detective!
Absolutely compelling.
PS: from the television series, one gets the impression that Denmark must be a very ecological nation – it seems that that they hardly ever turn lights on! The entire series seems to have been shot in the gloomiest of light (police invariably search properties without flicking the light switches!). Moira spent much of the time pleading with the characters to “turn on the lights!”… but, of course, they never did.
PPS: Having now watched the complete “West Wing” series, “Borgen” and now “The Killing”, I’m now left with that empty/mourning feeling as far as TV is concerned… suggestions please?

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