Thursday, February 09, 2012

hockney+grayson perry

Moira+I have just returned from a couple of days in London, seeing the Hockney and Grayson Perry exhibitions. We had a lovely time.
“David Hockney RA: A Bigger Picture” exhibition at the Royal Academy (until 9 April) essentially concentrates on his landscape paintings of East Yorkshire. Vivid, crude, colourful, naïve, sensitive, inspiring, quick, overwhelming, ambitious, captivating, changing, productive, repetitive, rhythm, beguiling, beautiful, massive, fresh, spellbinding, pleasurable and inventive. In truth, for me, this is not exactly the Hockney stuff that I absolutely adore, but it DOES provide an amazing artistic experience and, for many, it will encourage and inspire people to “learn to look” at things in a new, fresh way. Not to be missed!
Grayson Perry’s “Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman” exhibition at the British Museum (extended until 26 February) combines his own work with work he has selected from the British Museum’s collection. I enjoyed the way his teddy bear Alan Measles cropped up in various pieces (although perhaps rather too many pieces?) and I particularly loved his decorated ceramics. For me, the highlights were his iron sculptures of male and female pilgrims (with their overwhelming load of sewing machines, guns, handbags, petrol cans, mobile phone necklaces, radios and babies). It’s essentially a show of wonderful things and it truly is quite wonderful. Fascinating, entertaining and inspiring.

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