Sunday, February 05, 2012

gail+steve birthday festival

My birthday celebrations started last Thursday afternoon, when Iris+Rosa (+Ruth+Stu) insisted on having a small tea party. Before we polished off the muffins, the chocolate brownies and the lemon drizzle cake (made by Stu’s fair hands), Iris organised some of pre-party snacks in the shape of lollipop sweets and Cheerios (originally, I understand that we were meant to be having “Love Heart” sweets, but there weren’t any at home so she felt Cheerios would make a good substitute!). Bless her.
Great friend Gail and I celebrate our birthdays just three days apart (but she's a good deal younger!) and, largely thanks to Gail, our birthdays seem now to have become annual birthday festivals!
We’ve just returned from a brilliant weekend in Devon – staying with Gail+Ian (and also joined by lovely friends Ken+Debby)(and also meeting up with yet more lovely friends Mags+Jez and Sam+Jackie). As you might imagine, it’s been a weekend dominated by food and drink (plus walks, lots of chat and plenty of laughter)… lunches (yesterday at the impressive
River Cottage Canteen, Plymouth), brunches (today at the excellent Beachhouse hut , South Milton Sands) and brilliant suppers (at Gail+Ian’s).
A very special, magical birthday festival!
PS: oh yes, there was also the little matter of a Scotland/England rugby match…
Photo: the “gang” at the River Cottage Canteen (Moira, Jackie, Gail, Ken, Ian, Jez [blocking Debby!], Sam+Mags) – yes, I accept that we do all look very serious, but I assure you that this was purely for the photo!


Alice said...

Oh it all just sounds pretty perfect!!! And I love the Cheerios replacement! Xxx

just Gai said...

The less said about 'that match' the better. Still, if it made your birthday any more enjoyable then I'm happy for you. I personally preferred the Wales Ireland match.