Friday, April 15, 2011

lovely leyland family

Moira+I have spent the past 4/5 days in Leyland with Alice+Mikey+Dan+Jemima. Dave was away drumming in a band (as you do!) and so it was an opportunity both to see them and to provide some child-minding services. It was great to have the opportunity to spend time with them all. Lots of boisterous play with the boys (who seemed entirely happy to launch themselves into mid-air from the backs of sofas – “safe” in the knowledge that granddad would catch them every time!); lots of singing to Jemima; and great to be able to spend time with Alice over food+wine once the children had disappeared to bed. Alice had booked a brilliant, free “gym” (complete with ball pools, slides and various other pieces of activity equipment ) for a couple of afternoons at Broadoaks. She invited some of her friends who also had children with disabilities and it was truly humbling to meet the children and their amazing parents. We aren’t able to get together half as much as we’d like to but this proved to be a really lovely few days. Lots and lots of laughter, songs and Cbeebies!

Photos: some of our memories. PS: Just hope that the “cuts” don’t result in the end of Broadoaks.

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Alice said...

I totally agree about Broadoaks!

It was so amazing to see you. Our evening chats are some of the loveliest I've had. Thanks so much you lovely people! Xxxx