Monday, April 04, 2011

BABE's oxford luncheon

The long-standing, and hugely enjoyable, Barnes-Adams-Broadway (BABs for short) birthday lunch tradition continued yesterday in Oxford, but this time with added Eyre (sounds like an inflated balloon?) – lovely friends Diane+Steve joined us to make it a BABEs weekend! I hope you’re keeping up? This time we got together in The Red Lion, Gloucester Green. I must say that the prospect hadn’t filled me with massive anticipation as a venue – my memories of the place, from our Oxford days, were of a somewhat seedy, drinking pub! But it turned out to be a beautiful meal in delightful surroundings (and we effectively had a room to ourselves too, which was an added bonus). It transpired that the pub had been taken over and expensively refurbished by the owners of The Trout. Moira+I arrived in Oxford early so we could explore the Ashmolean museum/gallery. I hadn’t seen it since it had been remodelled and was hugely impressed. We’ll certainly be going back on a regular basis.

Photo (from left to right): Steve, Gail, Ken, Debby (sorry Debby!), Moira, Diane and Ian.

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