Saturday, June 05, 2010

the shed

We now have a shed.
Sounds impressive doesn’t it? I’d like to say that I was typing this from the aforementioned shed, but that would a bit of an exaggeration. Actually, the photograph above makes it look quite grand (remember, the camera never lies?). Well, if I tell you that its door is only 1120mm high, you’ll realise that it’s just a glorified “wendy house” (in plan it’s a mere 590x1055mm - you might recall that our garden is only a little over 5m square)! But, I have to tell you, it’s BEAUTIFULLY constructed – by Alan+me as part of our GrowZone morning. The other images tell the whole story (from left to right): this is the mess that used to occupy “shed corner” (I think Moira’s just been dumping stuff to emphasise that we needed a shed); when we unpacked the shed, we discovered that the “back wall” had a large piece hacked out of it (“invisible” from the way it was packed and clearly damaged in the factory as there was no sign of any broken bit – our lawyer is working on the case as I write); the giant shed; slightly worrying – this is the stuff that’s SUPPOSED to be going INTO the shed (I’m currently checking the manufacturer’s details as to whether or not it possesses “Tardis qualities”).
PS: the shed is so flimsy that I’m anxious that it IS filled with stuff – because it’s likely to be the only way to stop it being blown away in anything more than a light breeze!

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