Friday, June 25, 2010

leavers' day 2010

Leavers’ Day is definitely one of my favourite school days of the year. It’s a chance for the Year 11s to put on their suits and their posh frocks and arrive in various modes of transport in front of the whole school. Yesterday was even more special because this year’s Year 11s started at the school on the same day as I did. Difficult to imagine that these young adults were the same nervous individuals who started at the school in September 2005! Despite my reservations regarding the ridiculous amount of money that some of them spend on the occasion, they looked amazing. Some poignant, touching moments too – for example, a hug from one girl (who’d been an absolute “pain” as a 13 year-old, but who had developed into a really lovely young lady) who then presented me with three bottles of red wine(!)(how did she know?) and cards from her and her parents…. Mum had written: “thank you SO much for your help and support over the last few years. Your support and encouragement have been invaluable. We’ve both always had you to turn to… your understanding and humour have always been apparent!”.
I know that lots of similar gestures and sentiments were received by lots of other teachers too.
Very special.
Photo: I COULD have posted pictures of some amazingly elegant young people, but this one seemed to encapsulate the day – a chance for parents to capture their own memories!

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