Tuesday, June 08, 2010

jemima amelia buckley

Alice was due to give birth on 6 June, but didn’t. Instead, she and the boys disappeared off to the seaside (as you do). Alice was suffering from a cold; Moira waxed lyrically about how Mother Nature would take this into account and that Dave+Alice’s daughter would be born a few days later than predicted. Jemima ignored this and was born first thing yesterday morning instead. Everyone is well and, as Dave stated in his text, “God is good”!
Sadly, for us, it’s not quite like when Rosa was born last year (on the last day of term before the school summer holidays) and we went virtually straight round to Ruth+Stu’s to greet her. With Alice+Dave living in Lancashire and school term started, it might take a little time before we see everyone. Obviously, this is completely incidental…. we’re all absolutely delighted!
Just lovely lovely news.

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