Sunday, June 27, 2010

jemima+the boys

I finally got to see Jemima for the first time this weekend (Moira had been staying up in Leyland with Alice+Dave+the boys since last Monday). She’s very pretty, has a shock of almost black hair and seems absolutely tiny - I always forget just how small new-born babies are! She seems none-the-worse for her three days in hospital (her temperature had reached a frighteningly-high 39.7 degC at one stage). I’m not quite sure how Alice+Dave cope with the three children, but they’re a brilliant team. The boys are so gentle with Jemima (so far!) – especially Mikey. It was great playing with them again and there were LOTS of giggles and laughter. They particularly liked seeing themselves in my camera’s swivel-screen. It was a very sunny and warm weekend and the boys also very much enjoyed playing in their new paddling pool. Amongst a variety of outdoor play equipment, they have something which appears to be some sort of cafĂ©. Dave ended up plonking it into the pool – which made it feel a little like an outdoor Caribbean bar, with the boys playing the roles of bar staff!
Photo: a variety of images from the weekend.

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